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Figurative Art


Milixa Morón is best known for her mystical, allegorical and symbolic pieces, where depicts characters or symbols of different eras, centuries and believes.

She is a Venezuelan-Italian figurative realist painter with residence in USA, born in 1977 and her interest in drawing and painting began early in childhood.

First studied Graphic Design at the Design Institute of Valencia, after that she traveled to London where studied English for a year. Being there, visited many art museums and exhibitions which inspired her and drove her to dedicate totally to painting.

In 2000 few months after she returned to her home country, enrolled to the Giovanni Battista Scalabrini Academy of Art, where received the basics knowledge in the great traditions of western art and also had the opportunity to work for few months at the studio of the director, the artist Francesco Santoro.

In the summer of 2006 went to the Academy of Realist Art (ARA) in Toronto-Canada where did few workshops as well as the first level of the program.

At the beginning of 2007 began at the Angel Academy of Art in Florence-Italy where finished her studies in December 2009. Then found an studio in a community called Art Space (for 2 years) in there could develop better her research in symbolism as well as the technique learned at Angel Academy together with the fundamentals of the Florence Academy as there were some alumni from it.

After moved out and for one more year had a studio in the beautiful Florence together with her husband that is an artist too (the artist Elkin Cañas), where they painted and taught. At the same time Milixa was following the program "La scuola libera del nudo" at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze.

In August 2013 they moved to Miami-USA and founded an academy called Chiaroscuro Atelier, 5 years later it evolved to a bigger project, that is today MIFA. Today they paint and teach there.

During all these years she has participated in various salons, competitions and exhibitions in different countries, like the ARC salon competition in USA and Figurativas in Barcelona-Spain; and won some prizes and honorable mentions.

Her life changed completely in 2015 when her first son was born, it has been a great learning, inspiration and motivation to combine her love for her career together with the one of motherhood. In 2017 her daughter born and now they are a beautiful family of 4.

Milixa Morón

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