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I am a contemporary figurative painter.

I have a wide range of sources of inspiration, mostly are mythology of different cults, religions or cultures, universal symbols, universal believes with I could agree with or don't, psychological behavior, stories or people from history (mostly from women) that left us an important reflection or thought, I drive to paint this kind of themes not only because I feel connected to them and like them but also because I think they serve to today's world more than ever.

Therefore I am working in a series of Self portraits, depicting all these themes. In which my alter ego gets imprinted, I love the feeling they transmit to me, for a while I become them, I feel their knowledge, their pain or agony, their power, their mystery.

I like the creation of painting, how they become alive as you work on them and am working to create an unforgettable iconic image whose narrative and gaze transcend time, location, gender, culture, ethnicity, predisposition and the like.

Being inspired by all these, I enjoy painting different forms, colors, values and textures. Always my still life have some meaning; and representing figures and portraits I do my best to capture the personality of the sitter.

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